Platina Series

Reinventing Sound Experience

They deliver an impressive combination of wide frequency range, excellent detailing, uncompressed dynamic range and low distortion across the entire audible spectrum. It is a discrete beautiful crafted speaker that is easy to fit into any living room and yet easily fills the room with great sounding music.

Platina B17 took place of pride in  the room, Making its presence felt not by size but its scale of sound.


Platina Features

DCC Cone Technology

DCC creates a much stiffer and better damped cone than untreated aluminum, reducing cone resonance & promoting ideal pistonic motion. The resultis unparalleled midrange purity and detail retrieval.

Hand - Assembled

Our range of Speakers drivers, final tests and approvals on each and every speaker is done with utmost care at our own assembly lines in our factory.

Cabinet Construction

we at Eight Audio having state of the art facilities at our factory utilize our large and efficient woodworking technology we take utmost care from CNC cutting, Assembling and Final Italian paint finish to give them the premium luxury look.


Our High precision crossover networks feature carefully selected components to dramatically reduce distortion and dynamic compression for pristine sound over a wide dynamic range.

  • DSC05234 copy.jpg

    Platina C B17

    Two Way Bookshelf Speakers with 170mm DCC cone Mid-Woofer & Ceramic Dome Tweeter

  • Platina B17

    Two Way Bookshelf Speakers with 170mm Aluminum cone Mid-Woofer & Aluminum Tweeter