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Platina C B17

Designed to deliver a sound that feels fully formed and entirely true to life, with outstanding detail, spaciousness, bass and musical insight into recordings.

Engineered in Denmark - Handcrafted in INDIA


The rigid cabinet construction is important to optimize the working environment for both woofers and tweeter. the evenly distributed vibrations through Solid Teak wood panels with bracing, lowering sound coloration. The speaker is detailed and more ‘punchy’ than what was expected from this cabinet size.

The PLATINA cabinet consists of luxurious Solid Teak wood which is lacquered of a total of 7 times. Each layer is hand polished to ensure a deep, high gloss / matt and elegant surface.


creates a much stiffer and better damped cone than untreated aluminum, reducing cone resonance & promoting ideal pistonic motion. The resultis unparalleled midrange purity and detail retrieval.

Acoustic Lens Waveguide

26mm Ceramic dome tweeter with Saturation controlled motor system for low distortion and Acoustics Lens waveguide.

Platina utilize Phase optimized diaphragm design for coherent high frequency radiation

From Crossovers to Drivers, selected Premium components are used, which dramatically reduce distortion and dynamic compression enhancing the listener's musical enjoyment throughout the room. Finally the result is cleaner sound and consistent sound quality over a wide dynamic range.

They deliver an impressive combination of wide frequency range, excellent detailing, uncompressed dynamic range and low distortion across the entire audible spectrum. It is a discrete beautiful crafted speaker that is easy to fit into any living room and yet easily fills the room with great sounding music.

Platina C B17 Technical Specifications


Sensitivity  - 

Nominal Impedance  - 

Frequency Response  - 

Crossover Frequency  - 

Port Tuning Frequency  - 

Recommended Power  - 

86 db

4 Ohms 

45 - 24000 Hz +/- 3dB

3000 Hz

38 Hz

40w to 150w


Type  -

Material  -

Thickness  -

Dimensions  -

Bass Reflex

MDF / Teak


315 x 200 x 360mm

(H x W x D)


Midbass Driver  -



Tweeter  -

170mm (Ceramic Cone, Cast-frame with shorting rings and optimised voice coil Woofer)

26mm Voice coil Ceramic dome tweeter with acoustic lens waveguide


Teak Glossy / MATT
White Satin


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